A farm is more than a tract of land that is used for agriculture purposes. A farm is the genesis of all things healthy and good. Vegetables, fruits, flora, legumes, bees, chickens, pigs, cows, goats or any other types of livestock all have their humble beginnings on a farm.

Many of the farms featured in Love of Food Magazine are located in or around North Carolina. The business of farming is a driving force in the state according to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture it is the leading industry in the state. There are 52,000 active farms occupying 8.5 million acres of land.

Visiting a farm can be fun for everyone, not only will you learn about animals and livestock. You will see firsthand how your food is grown and processed.

Often times you can purchase the freshest ingredients for your meals directly from the local farmers. These farms rely upon the consumer for their livelihood. When you purchase from a local farm you are directly supporting the farmer, the local small business community and the local economy. You have a direct impact.

Making a pilgrimage to visit the farms throughout the year is a great way to take day trips or long weekend journeys. For example, did you know that North Carolina has a Cheese Trail complete with a map that you can follow to taste all the amazing local cheeses? Many of these locations are in and around the Raleigh area. You can locate the map here.

If you want a more urban experience, with less mud, aromas, and insects you can still find many of the NC farms at the State and local farmer’s markets. They bring in their trucks loaded up with fresh seasonal produce and sell canned jams, pickles, and freshly baked goods.

Cartoon chicken giving thumbs up and red heart

4 Reasons To Love Your Thighs

No, I don’t mean your legs, lol. We are talking chicken thighs – these tasty little chicken parts get a bad rap in most of America. Maybe we can blame the fried chicken fast food restaurants for making the dark meats a cheaper offering when ordeing a bucket.  Reason #1

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Sunflower arrangement with fan and wine glass

A Dinner in The Meadow

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dine on exquisite cuisine, prepared by expert chefs from your local area, in the middle of a meadow, on a farm, out in the country just as the sun sets? I used to imagine what this magical experience

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White plate with a fork and knife alongside a yellow and white flower

The Supper Club

It was my our turn to host The Supper Club. For those who like to cook supper club is way to share all your favorites. Our group at this time was made up of some exceptional cooks. Some of our guests cook professionally so we knew whatever we made had to

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A pickle guy pointing at himself with a jar of pickles

The Pickle Contest

One day a friend of mine and I were enjoying a pint of beer at a local bottle shop.  He offered to share some pickles that his sister-in-law made for him. Of course, I was excited to try them and boy oh boy did that get me thinking I should

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The Southeast Asian Cooking Class

A few months ago, on May 4th, 2018 some very good friends got married. Yes, it was on Star Wars Day, however, there were no Darth Vader or Wookies in attendance. It was, in contrast, a very beautiful and elegant, outdoor affair in a peaceful but grand setting. The music

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Nicole and Jan Cook Asian

  Neither I or Nicole have any ties to the Asian community except through food. We both love sushi, pho, wontons, spring rolls and just about any Asian dish you can think of. We thought it would be fun to use one of our coveted three days visiting together to

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Sunday Is For Football

Once the NFL draft happens in April, the countdown is on in my house. We have to complete any lingering household projects before the start of football preseason.  August through February every Sunday in my house consists of football, more football and food! Being from New England we are all

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The Salsa Contest 2018

  Some of my favorite foodie friends and I decided what a better way to say goodbye to summer than to hold a salsa contest. With, salsa you need some kind of vehicle to hold the salsa and some way to taste it properly. Yes, tortilla chips are a fabulous vehicle

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