Family Eating at Home

Keeping your family safe from food born illness is a responsibility. It is up to the people in the household who are preparing the food to understand how to properly handle all types of food. 

According to CDC

  • 48 Million People Are Affected By Food Born Illness Each Year (that is 1 in every 6 people)
  • 128,000 are hospitalized
  • 3000 people die

People who are at the highest risk are the very young, elderly, and pregnant.  But that does not mean even if you fall outside of one of those categories that you won’t become very ill from food poisoning. 

We have compiled information about how long you can keep food out of the fridge. 

Proper food temperatures when cooking and reheating

We even share a free app with you that will tell you how long prepared foods can last in your fridge and pantry. 

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