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Featured Kitchen Tools

We feature some of the tools that we use. We provide videos so that you can see them in action

We hope this is helpful for you as you seek tools to make your cooking task easier, faster, and better 

After all, a well appointed kitchen is a cooks dream

A well appointed kitchen is a cook's dream

Some of Our Must Haves In The Kitchen

Baggy Rack - Bag Holders
Microwave Rice Purple Opt
opt mini food processor - Bag Holders (1080 x 500 px) (2)

More Kitchen Products That We Love

You can not have enough cutting boards! You need one for every job. One for meat and one for veg etc… 

Check your boards for staining and deep cut marks. It may be time to replace your current boards. 

We love the type that doesn’t slip when you are using them. 

A heavy bottom pot is called for in many recipes. 

When you use a cast iron cooker you get the benefits of a heavy bottom and the cast iron Dutch oven also cooks more evenly.

These come in many sizes and fun colors. 

You will never again dread the breakfast request of omelette! This tool makes the perfect omelette each time. 

You can even put different fillings on each side of the pan.

This maker is small enough to tuck away in the cabinet. It cleans up easily with a wipe out of a soapy cloth.

A nice set of pots and pans is a desire of any cook.

We love the All-Clad brand and use these in our own kitchen. We have the brushed stainless steel. Of course we have other cookery but the pots and lids have held up so well over time. The heat distribution is even.

Buy for yourself or makes a great wedding, or housewarming gift.

Sous Vide is a tool used to cook food to its perfect temperature without going over. 

Often used in restaurants for the perfect reverse sear on steaks, chicken, and more. 

Every serious cook should own one of these. 

The griddle is great for brunch, large families,  or weekly meal prep.  

We make lots of pancakes at one time and freeze them. 

This cleans up easily with a warm soapy cloth.

Quality meats can be frozen without fear of freezer burn. 

Cheese lasts longer when stored properly. 

If you use the sous vide to cook you need this appliance. 

Throw away your old toaster and upgrade to this oven. It toasts, air-fries, convects, bakes, roasts, dehydrates, and rotisseries! 

 We rarely use our large oven any more. We think it is worth the counter space. 

Dinner plates with a lipped edge are more practical for juicy foods, sauces, dressings and fruits.

We upgraded our old dinnerware and have been pleased that we did. 

A mini food processor option made by the same manufacturer as the one we have.

This one is countertop approved. It is stainless steel and takes up very little room.

You simply can not have enough aprons in the kitchen. We store 5 or 6 at any one time.

What we like about this one is its criss cross back and the pockets.

We always keep  our phone around when cooking, the pockets keep the phone close by and dry. 

Kitchen shears get used multiple times a day in our house. 

We keep some for everyday tasks like opening a package. We have some for chopping herbs and even some for cutting through lobster shells and spatchcocking whole chickens.