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Egg Roll in a Bowl Recipe
A healthier version of a traditional Asian dish this stir fry has all the flavor of an egg roll without the extra carbs from the roll and calories from the deep-fried fat.
This is a perfect meal-prep meal since it can be eaten reheated or served cold over zoodles.
Approximate Cost Per Serving: $1.50
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Grilled Eggplant Caprese
This is by far our favorite vegetarian meal. We have been making this easy, flavorful layered eggplant dish for years and it's one my husband always asks for.
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Red rossted tomatoes,green basil, and white cheese on top of roasted eggplant slices
Sheet Pan Quesadillas
Using this method allows you to prepare multiple quesadillas for a family or when entertaining guests. These are also perfect for freezer meals. I freeze them for my husband's lunch. That way he can just heat and eat.
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Korean Beef Rice Bowl
This bowl of beefy goodness has become one of our favorites. Its slightly sweet and spicy flavors keeps you craving another bite. It comes together quite quickly so it is a great meal when you are short on time or can be made up 3 days ahead for meal prep.
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Bundt Pan Zucchini Bread
We think this recipe works better than the loaf pan recipe. It cooks in less time and is so pretty. What a great way to get some greens in on your first meal of the day! This bread is so flavorful!
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