Saffron Prosciutto Risotto Plated

The Supper Club


It was my our turn to host the supper club made up of some really exceptional cooks. Some have even cooked professionally so I knew whatever we made had to be fabulous. We started with some appetizers that included homemade white bean hummus, vegetables, olives, assorted cheeses, and meats. Oh and goldfish crackers that are a staple in the diet of my youngest dinner guest lol!

My husband makes the best Saffron Prosciutto Risotto I have ever tasted so I gave him that task to cook.

(I hope to post his recipe on the site soon and when I do I will add a link to this post, I promise).

I marinated six pork tenderloins three different ways.

First was a marinade of garlic olive oil herbs and vinegar. The second was a marinade made up of barbecue sauce, soy sauce with brown sugar, garlic, and olive oil. Lastly, the third was a marinade of stone ground mustard, white sugar, white wine, olive oil and white wine.

While I was waiting for the pork tenderloins to cure in all of that goodness, I decided to marinate my asparagus also in a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper.

The Chimichurri sauce came much later but since it was so good and I don’t want to forget to tell you what was in it.

 I will list the ingredients here.  I have this little herb garden and I selected the items that would compliment each other so parsley, cilantro, and, mint. I mixed this up with a pinch of sea salt and olive oil and voila, we had a Chimichurri that was fresh and inviting finished the dish.

We had two children in the mix and 2 vegetarians so a second pot of risotto was added made with vegetable stock and no prosciutto.

We finished off the evening with my husband’s famous Buttermilk Caramel Cake (most people claim it is the best cake they have ever tasted and I agree).

All and all the Supper Club was a big hit, thanks to friends who lent a hand during the process and special thanks to my chef friend who gave us a gift of a special carving knife!

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