Happy Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for. Nicole and I embarked on this blog project a few short months ago and since then we have been able to spend more focused time together collaborating on a common theme: our love of food.

We have so much to be thankful for.

It’s no wonder that Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and it’s not just because of the food itself, it is how people come together around food. Everyone we spoke with wanted to share stories about their family’s traditional dishes and tell us how they prepared their turkey this year.  We realize there are deep roots that become established around that dinner table on Thanksgiving day. We also understand that there is a lot of pride in those traditions.  Some of those traditions are old perhaps they have been passed down for generations. Some of those traditions may be related to the food being served, the people whom you are spending the day with, the places you are visiting, the games you are playing or the outings you are taking. It makes no difference if the tradition is an established one or one that just started this Thanksgiving but if it was enjoyable, you can count on it to be there for decades to come.

We realize there are deep roots that become established around that dinner table on Thanksgiving day.

We also recognize that Thanksgiving can be a challenging and emotional time for folks. Mixing it up with family, entertaining and travel can be stressful and it all happens right in the middle of a work week to boot! The good news about that is, Thanksgiving is the one holiday that is almost guaranteed to allow most of us to have four days off from work in a row. For those who do have to work defending our country, keeping us safe in our communities, watching out for the sick and those retail employees who had to prepare for Black Friday we are thankful for you all!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday season, we saw posts on social media and on the national news showing the spirit of giving and sharing and we are especially grateful for all who bestowed acts of kindness to those who are not as fortunate as us to have a glorious meal on the table or who do not have a family to share it with.

We hope that in sharing our own love for food, we will add a little something to make your holiday season a little more joyful!

Okay, we know you likely only clicked through to learn about the turkey recipe.

I have to admit to you without a single bragging bone in my body, it was the best turkey I have ever made. You have got to try it!

Herb Smoked Turkey

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