Holiday Meat Tray


  • Assortment of Your Favorite Cured Meats
    We used salami, pepperoni, prosciutto ham, sopressata
  • We also had some of those pre-rolled salami around a cheese stick and figured why not!
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Pickles
  • Olive Medley
  • Marinated Antipasto Vegetables from the Whole Foods Olive Bar
  • Rosemary Harvested from the Herb Garden


  1. We used a round drink serving tray that might be from a summer beach party, this allowed us to fill it with rosemary without it falling out.
  2. Line a round tray with rosemary to form the shape of a wreath.
  3. Turn a small bowl upside down in the middle to create a space for the olives that can have some height. Make sure that the olive bowl will sit on top without sliding. You can use a piece of saran wrap under the olive bow, to help secure it if needed.
  4. Place your crostini or bread around the edge of the rosemary
  5. Roll or slice your meats depending on what you selected
  6. Place the meats around the olive bowl, working your way outward from it and toward the bread
  7. Decorate the Rosemary with the cherry tomatoes and some black olives