Holiday Charcuterie Meat Tray

Presentation is the point when you are serving food at a holiday party. Thinking about what you have on hand that can be repurposed is a wise choice for a charcuterie plate. We started with round drink serving tray that might have been left over from a summer beach party, this allowed us to fill it with rosemary without it falling out.
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  • Assortment of Your Favorite Cured Meats
  • We used salami pepperoni, prosciutto ham, sopressata
  • We also had some of those pre-rolled salami around a cheese stick and figured why not!
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Pickles
  • Olive Medley
  • Marinated Antipasto Vegetables from the Whole Foods Olive Bar
  • Rosemary Harvested from the Herb Garden


  • Line a round tray with rosemary to form the shape of a wreath.
  • Place your crostini or bread around the edge of the rosemary
  • Roll or slice your meats depending on what you selected
  • Place the meats around the olive bowl, working your way outward from it and toward the bread
  • Decorate the Rosemary with the cherry tomatoes and some black olives
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