Steak n Quail Eggs

Steak and Quail Eggs


I have these wonderful neighbors who raise quail and I am the fortunate recipient of these beautiful eggs most all year around. I say “most” because during the winter months the egg production does slow down a bit.

The consistency of the egg is a bit different from the chicken egg as it holds more yolk than white, however, the flavor is very similar and mild.

The shell is different, aside from being a beautiful speckled design, it is quite thick. For cracking the egg my neighbor bought me a special tool that looks like a strange pair of scissors and it works wonderfully when poaching eggs as we have done here.

This simple but wonderful dish was made with a previously marinated London broil steak (that I sliced up for breakfast and will have the rest on a salad for lunch during the week). Our Chimichurri sauce was drizzled over the steak. Served alongside some of our home-fried potatoes. The quail eggs are poached and plated on top of the hashbrowns.

  • 1 Marinated London Broil Steak Sliced Thin
  • 3-4 Quail Eggs Per Dish
  • 1 Teaspoon of White Vinegar
  • Chimichurri Sauce (See our recipe)
  • Home-fried Potatoes (See our recipe)


  1. Grill the London Broil and slice thin (3-4 Slices per plate). The steak can be served room temperature.
  2. Prep the Chimichurri sauce according to our recipe.
  3. Cook your home-fries potatoes according to our recipe. 
  4. Boil water for the quail eggs and add a tablespoon of vinegar. (This helps the white to stay together in the water).
  5. Crack the eggs one at a time and drop into the boiling water.
  6. Reduce the heat and only cook each egg for 2-3 minutes as you want the yolk to be lightly cooked but the white firm.
  7. Tip: Have your meal plated before dropping the eggs so all you have to do is top with the Chimichurri sauce.