How to Cut, Dice, Slice, and Chop an Onion

Onions, almost every savory dish we cook calls for onions. The tears that are shed over onions are real and according to scientists the chemical that the onion produces that irritates our eyes differs from the chemical from the smell. That may be the reason why mouth breathing while cutting (not breathing through your nose) is often not enough to stop the tears. The gas that the onion omits are its defense mechanism to ward off pests that might try to eat it. 

Why do we insist on eating these vegetable that clearly cause us so much distress? Aside from the obvious complex flavor profile it adds to our food, onions are apparently very good for us. They are fairly low in calories, contain essential vitamins C and B and minerals like Potassium and are a good source of fiber. 

In the video below we attempt to help you cut an onion with minimal release of the gas that makes you cry.

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