Recently Jill Kimmelman published this lovely poem for Love of Food Magazine. It is perfectly timed with Valentines Day and the celebration of her new book of poems We are so lucky to have such a talented poet contribute to our publication.

Kiwis beckon blackberries shimmer
an array of ever-changing desserts. Decadent, sublime, a delight to the palate rare pleasures to savor summer’s gifts nestled on ancient hand-painted plates, cinnamon-scented coffee cooling within reach.

Kiwis beckon
blackberries shimmer
a golden-tipped glistening meringue treat
A family recipe tweaked a bit 
by each daughter’s loving hand
Presented on heirloom treasures
vanilla latte cooling within reach.

Welcome to You Are the Poem, a three-themed collection of poetry, Timeless Love, An Eclectic Mix & Looking Back: inspiration wisdom gained from my poetic journey.

gift of my heart, poems of celebration, joy, hope, bonds of precious friendship & sisterhood, bridges built with our love language, a treasure for passionate foodies & photographers!
Available on Amazon

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