12 Tips For Better Meal Prep

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12. Know Your Time Limitations

  • Be realistic about how much time you are willing to devote to the process
  • Create simple recipes that can be completed in the allotted time

11. Book An Appointment With Yourself

  • Set aside specific dates and time to meal prep
  • Make it official by placing the time on your calendar

10. Create A Menu That Will Allow For Some Variety

  • Do not try to eat the same thing all the time at meals or you will get bored
  • A balanced meal plan with variety encourages consumption
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9. Prepare To Prepare

  • Buy the right storage containers for the planned meals 
  • Glass and plastic: jars, casserole dishes, individual meal containers
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8. Make A List Of Ingredients For Shopping

  • Saves you from over purchasing 
  •  Reduces the time you spend in the grocery store
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7. Use The Right Tools For The Job

  • Sharp knives
  • Freezer bags
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6. Plan for Healthy Eating

  • Don’t be so strict that you are left hungry or craving poor snack choices
  • Make up snack packs to encourage portion control and good choices.
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5. Incorporate Multiple Methods For Cooking Foods

  • Use the Instant Pot
  • Dust off the Crockpot 
  • BBQ packets, 
  • Sheet Pan Meals
  • Sous Vide 
  • Roasting, Frying
  • Grilling
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4. Don’t Try to Cook 7 Nights a Week


  • Give yourself time off to explore someone’s else styles and flavors
  • Consume your own prepared freezer meals
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3. Seek Out New Flavors And Try New Recipes

  • Try ethnic foods that you have never prepared
  • Use new techniques 
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2. Meal Prep Outdoors During Good Weather

  • The grill can accommodate large amounts of various foods
  • Enjoying the weather while you prep supports good mental health

1. Utilize Peer Support To Create Good Habits

  • Meal prep weekly with others 
  • Follow social media pages that offer advice and encouragement

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