Pumpkin Spice Sure is Nice- Poem

Pumpkin Spice you make my day

I try to use you in every way

Starting with my coffee pot

I sprinkle you in and drink you hot

Then I take a shower fresh

And you are in my loofah mesh

Rubbing on some lotion sweet 

On my pumpkin spice smelling feet

No worries for breakfast, it’s a no brainer

Pumpkin spice oatmeal with pumpkin spice creamer

As I select my outfit for this day’s task

Knowing I’ll sit at my trusty old desk

What else would I wear upon this dear body

My pj’s with pumpkins all over, like spotty

I pour pumpkin water in my pumpkin shape mug

And look at my keyboard while I take a chug

Thinking of writing a novel or three

When all these pumpkins are staring at me

There’s winky and stinky and squishy P. U.

It’s time to do cleaning and make pumpkin stew

I get up from my lair and take to the kitchen

Where all the pumpkins hold a convention

I turned on the oven and got out the pans

Placed pumpkins in a row and sprayed them with Pam

Went back to my desk, the timer all set

And tried once again to focus on Rhett

The character in my novel of late

I only hope that he won’t hesitate

When the heroine comes along with her spicy smile

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