opt how to tell when its done

I learned this little baking tip from my friend, Trish who loves to bake, but hates to have her picture taken. Which is crazy because she is beautiful inside and out. Trish has a large family and has always cooked for them including desserts. She juggles family food allergies and preferences like a food pro. She doesn’t bake professionally, but does this as a labor of love.

As you will see below she has made some really fun birthday cakes. We always consider ourselves blessed to have her volunteer to make a surprised theme birthday cake for us. 

We had an owl take up residence in our yard last winter. We named him Hootie and look what my surprise Birthday cake was! A tree log with an edible owl.  You can’t see them real well but around the cake were little porcupines. 

My husband’s birthday cake was inspired by his love of grilling. This is his grill cake with burger patties on top. Note that there is a metal spatula on the top. 

Spring birthdays mean blueberries and butterflies. This lemon vanilla cake was perfectly balanced with the fruit.

Chocolate shards all over this chocolate cake dressed in stabilized whipped cream. Was fantastic. 

Her baked items always come out tasting wonderful too. She rarely sticks to the recipe which baffles me since baking is supposed to be more of a science. She always seems to make it work.

Trish makes gorgeous cakes, fabulous flans, crumbles, pies, hearty breads and rolls and so much more.

We have posted photos of some of her creations. I wish I had more photos to share but it seems that we dig in to most of the lovely baked items before we can even get a pic . lol 

The Baking Tip Is:

Aside from looking at the color of your bread, muffins, or cupcakes Trish says another indicator of if your baked good is finished is that is has started to pull away from the pan. I have been using this as an indicator for my zucchini and banana breads and it has been spot on each time!

Thanks Trish!

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