Let’s Float Through Summer

There is a certain treat I do enjoy from time to time during the hot months…an ice cream float!

Author Deanna Martinez

When I was little, my mom used to enjoy Root Beer floats. To this day, I still enjoy Root Beer! However, there are so many flavor combinations you can choose to make an ice cream float. I am here to get your creativity flowing with a few ideas to get you started.

First, pour your carbonated beverage into a tall glass. Then, add a scoop or two of ice cream. Finish off with a straw.

For a special treat, you can top your float with whipped topping! 

Classic Root Beer float

  • Root Beer and vanilla ice cream

 Punch bowl float

  • Ginger ale and sherbet

Creamsicle float

  • Orange soda and vanilla ice cream

Cranberry float

  • Cranberry ginger ale and your choice of vanilla ice cream or a fruity variety

Fruitsicle float

  • Cheer Wine and vanilla ice cream

The possibilities are truly endless. How about vanilla coke and chocolate ice cream? I could go on and on.

On a side note, we should all have a great ice cream scoop in our kitchen. I have two great options for you here:

Tupperware Ice Cream Scoop (with Kathy)

Pampered Chef Ice Cream Scoop (with Laura)

Fun fact: The ice cream float was invented by Robert McCay Green in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1874. He sold vanilla ice cream with soda and offered a choice of 16 flavored syrups. 

Click on the Photos Below for More Ice Cream Float Recipes

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