Choices define us. How we want to live, where and what we choose to put in our bodies for sustenance. Food is a necessity and for most a form of personal enjoyment. How we shop, prepare, and share our food are all lifestyle choices. Those decisions can take us beyond the obvious when we explore new cultures and embrace new beginnings.

Seeking out a new lifestyle can be driven by a number of motivations,

  • a healthier way of living
  • more adventure
  • a deeper connection with others
  • seeking to simplify our life
  • become better at managing our daily routines and finances
  • or more

When we embrace a change we make choices that move our life into a new direction, How far we take that choice is quite personal and likely looks different for each and every one of us. All of these factors embody the essence of lifestyle.

We explore the many lifestyle choices there are related to food. We hope you enjoy!